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Triple Arrow Industries is an environmentally responsible recycling broker with worldwide suppliers, customers and processing facilities. We started our business in 2010 with a passion for excellence. We are now the trusted firm to many of the most influential businesses in the recycling industry.

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Triple Arrow Industries. is a privately held company specialized in the recycling, trading and exporting of all grades of non-ferrous scrap metal and scrap plastic.


Our suppliers range from small manufacturing companies to multinational corporations selling unusable post manufacturing scrap metal materials.


Our customers include primary and secondary metal producers across North America, Europe and Asia. From smelters to mills to foundries, our product can be packaged to fit any specification.


With a broad knowledge and a wealth of experience our management and dedicated employees are committed to a quality of service and a quality of product. Whether you are on the eastern seaboard, southern United States, or anywhere in Canada, we can move your scrap material  to customers around the world .


Over the years we have developed the expertise, knowledge and international connections to help move tons of materials efficiently by land, sea and rail around the globe.  in addition to providing traditional scrap recycling services to its core industrial accounts we have focused on working with large OEMs and public institutions to provide customized solutions, thereby adding significant value and solidifying its client relationships.

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